Looking for more clarity
in your life or work?


A Soul Wisdom intuitive card-reading
illuminates new possibilities



* Move forward with more joy and intention
* Clarify what you really need and want
* Gain perspective on emerging directions

* Connect with your core essence and creative flow
* Align with a stronger sense of purpose
* Reframe old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you
* Start crossing the bridge from where you are
to where you want to be



Contact me at
or 360-320-8951

Readings by video call
or in-person on Whidbey Island

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A Soul Wisdom card-reading helps you reconnect with what you know in your bones, in the deepest level of who you really are. When your inner guidance asks for your attention through various forms of discomfort, uncertainty or frustration, it’s also a message letting you know that you’re ready to address these issues. The solution is accessible, awaiting your recognition in order to emerge.


Contact me at essence@liannagilman.com or 360-320-8951
or click here to order a reading for yourself or as a gift

Readings are available long-distance by video call
or in-person on Whidbey Island



          I had a card-reading session with Lianna by video-call, and I was amazed by her quality of contact. It was a time of vulnerability for me and the way she welcomed me on a very sensitive emotional level made me feel so safe. I felt attentively heard and received for all the questions I was asking. She guided me to some new paths of self-exploration through the words of the cards, which I see as the doorways of a new journey, giving me concrete topics to explore in my life that are still useful. The session was a true meeting between Lianna, myself and the cards, and I am grateful to her for it.  Frederic, Brussels, Belgium



It is necessary, while in darkness,
to know that there is light somewhere, to know that
in oneself, waiting to be found, there is a light.

James Baldwin