How a reading unfolds

The reading begins with you asking a question. It could be about something in your personal or professional life that feels stuck, confusing or just out of reach. It could be about decisions or directions. Your question can be very general or very specific, and it may even change during the reading – we’ll follow whatever arises. These questions are really forms of inner guidance that call our attention to something deep within that’s disconnected, out of balance or wanting to emerge.

By asking the question,
you open yourself to receive the answer.

I work with a deck of 108 cards, each with just 1 word on it – simple words that evoke powerful information in the context of your question. As I draw the 9 cards for your reading, I feel energy moving through the cards – as they relate to each other and to your question. Card by card, I share what I sense about these energy patterns, inviting your associations and insights as well. Bringing these energy patterns to your conscious awareness clears the way for your soul wisdom to illuminate the issue, offering new perspectives and possibilities from your own deep knowing that can open a door or build a bridge to a new way forward.



Life often gives us reasons to cover up the truth of who we really are and what we really long for, to protect us from some perceived or real harm. And yet deep inside, our soul wisdom holds our light, our most authentic self, where our life energy still knows how to flow sweet and true.


Align with your passion and purpose

Illuminate your path forward

Transform old beliefs and patterns that hold you back
from the life you want



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     I had a wonderful Soul Wisdom card-reading session with Lianna.  It was very self-discovering
and inspiring.  Lianna has a poetic way of sounding the words together that playfully gives you so much insight and richness.  I’ve gone back to the reading many times to pull from it for my work and as a personal reminder – it’s been such a foundation for me.
  Michelle, Miami, FL



Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light.
Theodore Roethke