What are these cards? Are they Tarot?
This deck of 108 cards that I work with was developed by Amy Oscar – you can read more about them here. They are her own original Soul Call® cards and are not a form of Tarot cards.

Is a reading by long-distance video call as effective as an in-person session?
Absolutely. Because energy is not constrained by time and space, we can create a very strong energetic container to hold each reading. I work with people all over the world as well as in person, and the quality of the readings is not affected by distance.

Will the cards tell me how to save my relationship, find a job/house/partner, fix my health or make a lot of money?
The cards constellate into patterns that are about possibilities and directions, not certainties or destinations. More like a kaleidoscope than a telescope, a reading will offer you opportunities to see yourself in new ways, bring new understandings about yourself to the surface and give you a sense of new possibilities. These perspectives support you as you make your own choices about how you want your life to unfold.

Will a reading tell my future?
Think of the cards as offering a kind of map in the territory of your future. Just as in land maps, there are many possible routes, and what we may think is our destination sometimes turns out to be on the way to somewhere else.

How do you pick the cards?
Through intuitive guidance. I shuffle the cards face-down until one feels right for where we are in the reading, and that’s the one I turn over and share with you.

How often should I have a reading?
Trust your intuition. When you find yourself wondering “Would a reading help with this?” – that’s a good time to sit quietly and ask for inner guidance. Or feel free to email me and we can talk it through together.

What options are there for long-distance readings?
You will need access to a reliable internet connection, and then we can meet on Zoom or FaceTime.

How did you learn to use the cards? Can I learn too?
Amy Oscar offers a certification program, which I’ve completed twice (the first time was thrilling, and deepening into it the second time was even more powerful). You can learn more about the training here


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     The card reading we did provides a subtle but clear guidance.  I can see where it
fits into the “blueprint” of my current life path.  A few of the words you drew for me have
also reinforced themselves by showing up from other sources, which totally delights me.
It’s like having an Ah-ha moment!  
Kippy, Fayetteville, NC




When we have arrived at the question,
the answer is already near.

Ralph Waldo Emerson